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Horse Driving with Michael Freund and his Team

Fred and Michael Freund, who are brothers, have been a part of the Christinenhof since February 2000.  Drivers and horses can make use of  an all-weather track and a grassy track, fixed obstacles and, all in all, an ideal terrain surrounding the Christinenhof which presents them with perfect conditions for varied and successful training sessions.  


On the left: Michael Freund in a marathon obstacle
On the right: Indoor Worldcup. Michael Freund in action in VIGO (Spain)

Videos with Michael Freund filmed at the German Masters 2005 and 2006 in Stuttgart >>>watch

Michael Freund’s successes



Michael Freund as a Coach

Chester WeberMichael Freund’s active career ended in 2006. Ever since, he has been passing on his knowledge and experience as a coach for world-class drivers such as the Americans Chester Weber (left) and Tucker Johnson (right). With his sponsorship, they have won various international tournaments worldwide as well as four medals at world championships. Since 2010, Michael Freund has been responsible for the entire US driving sports scene as a coach for national teams of all types of harnesses. The first two years already brought him four medals at world championships with different American drivers.

With his help, his former equerry of many years, Thorsten Zarembowicz, also became double world champion in Rome in 2010.


Fred Freund

Besides his own career in driving four-in-hand and curricles, Fred Freund puts his emphasis on the promotion of young, but also experienced drivers.  


Marco Freund

(Michael Freund’s son)

started going to tournaments at the age of 6 weeks and has been at every one of his father’s competitions ever since. He was given his first Shetland pony at the age of 5. When he was 7 years old, he drove his first competition with his shetties Mandy and Mäxchen. He was able to place his Shettys from class A to class S. At the end of 2009, his current successful ponies  Rolex, Cartier, Avalon and Willow joined the team.
Ever since then, Marco has been competing at class S contests only, and within short of two years, he  fulfilled all the prerequisites for the Golden Driving Award as the youngest driver ever. At the same time, he was called to the German championship squad and nominated for the world championship in Lipica/Slowenia where he made fourth place.  

Video: Marco Freund



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